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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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synagogue welcomes catholic pilgrims, up next. if you think that this looks i can and sound like a hero's welcome tonight at madison square garden, you would be right. pope fran cyst entered the famed a arena to the cheers of 25,000 pilgrims. and this mass concluded, a
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triumphant day for pontiff including a speech at the u.n. and a visit to a school in east harlem and emotional visit to ground zero and a ride through central park but now spotlight moves, 100 miles to the south, next stop, philadelphia. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is quaker city waiting with open arms, and empty streets, to welcome the pope. pope francis will be here, in ten and a half hours. the final barriers and fences have gone up, and the secure zones have been, well, they have been secured, as the most massive security operation is now in place. chopper six is live over the vine street expressway, which is now closed to traffic, until monday. and we have team coverage tonight, "action news" reporter jeff chirico shows us the the security perimeters going up. chad pradelli is on the ben franklin bridge close todd traffic while matt pellman has
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details of the highway closures. sharrie williams shows us final preparations on the ben franklin parkway. eva pilgrim walks us through the pope's day in new york city. trish hartman brings us the the story of the synagogue hosting catholic visitors from out of town. but first lets go to jeff chirico in olde city tonight. jeff, describe the situation there. report report jim, it is quite an unusual sight. take a a look behind me. this is chess nut street. it is vacant. you can see law enforcement officers down there. the secure vehicle perimeter is going around us, right now, all in preparation for the pope's speech here at independent hall tomorrow after noon. >> we have walk all the way from 13th street, nobody. >> reporter: barely a koran market street at din are time, olde city which bustles on friday night looked desserted in spots, but perhaps, has never been safer, thanks to the massive law enforcement presence in place.
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>> i know for sure it will get insane tomorrow, and sunday. >> reporter: ahead of the pilgrims arrival restaurant in the city had plenty of empty tables an oddity for fork on a friday night. >> we're expecting it to be slower now. this whole weekend, it is probably a little bit slower then maybe this time in september would normally be but you never know, tomorrow could be, the busiest day we have ever seen. >> reporter: it is unknown how many people will come for pope's visit but ashley campbell who brought a group from chicago believes attendance could be record breaking. >> it is crazy because never in like history has the pope got this much attention and this much respect from so many people, for so many religions. >> i'm very excited, we would love to see him right there. >> reporter: lauren and jason romero of louisiana brought their four young children to hear their message of love, something that they say philadelphians has shown them as they struggled with strollers and luggage. >> people of philadelphia can i help with you that, can i help you with that. it is city of brotherly love.
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we definitely felt that on tuesday. >> reporter: with just hours to go and security measures in place u.s. senator bob casey says this is a chance for pennsylvania to shine. >> there is no place in the world that will greet him with more warmth then people of philadelphia. >> reporter: and your a's looking right now at the stage where the pontiff will speak, in front of, independent hall, some 40,000 pilgrims are expected to come and hear him speak on two important topics, religious freedom and immigration. we are live in olde city, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news", jim. thanks, jeff. sky six is showing a sight nobody around here can remember, a shut down ben franklin bridge, on a friday night. they closed the bridge to vehicular traffic an hour ago. live on the camden side of the bridge is "action news" reporter chad pradelli. chad, thinks a sight we will likely never see again.
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>> reporter: that is a good bet there, jim. officials here are calling camden the the gateway to the pope and, of course that gateway is ben franklin bridge. as you mentioned, it is now shut down. thousands will cross it tomorrow either by patco or by foot and we will ab monk those making that 2-mile walk across the command center in camden is operational, law enforcement and other agencies are manning the screens and phones, ready to assist the pilgrims for the papal visit. >> we want to invite those in this region to come through new jersey, come through camden county, come through the city of camden as a gateway to the pope. >> reporter: ben franklin bridge is now shut down, tomorrow thousands are expected to make their way across it, either by foot or patco. >> there has been 18,000 patco passes sold to date, there are many path companies passes still available. >> reporter: camden county freeholders say patco passes can be bought at one of four stations, broadway, wood
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crest, lindenwald or ferry avenue. the just show up, buy your pass and hop on. earlier today crews erect a field hospital outside of camden city hall, by night fall, it was largely completed, and ready to handle any health problems related to the papal visit. >> we can expect 50,000 to 300,000 pilgrims coming through camden city. that is enough to overwhelmed any hospital system. >> we are ready. our police officers and public servant will be out on the pedestrian routes. they are there to help you. they are ambassadors. >> reporter: road closures at the base of the ben franklin bridge are now in effecter. admiral wilson boulevard is shut down at airport circle and i676 is closed at morgan avenue to the beginning of the bridge. the message from county leaders, plan ahead. >> be mindful of your surroundings, be safe and sure to hydrate. they will be your best friends. >> reporter: county freeholders want you to know that there are 8,000 parking spots available, here along
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the camden waterfront. they were initially reserved for tour buses but when demand was not there they have opened up but you have to register for those spots, you can do so at gateway to the and you can get to that web site through our web site at six live from camden, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". jim. >> thanks, chad. it is admitly difficult to remember exactly what roads are opened, what roads are closed, but fortunately we have matt pellman to keep track of every high waste and byway throughout the the weekend. matt pellman is live at the "action news" big board. >> it is a lot of moving parts, jim. soon those part won't be moving, as these roads close down but one of the road that was scheduled to close is schuylkill expressway east bound. they have been an hour late getting it shut down but crews just set up. they are here on the blue route 476 on the northbound side approaching the schuylkill they just blocked off ramp. we are in the process of losing the eastbound lanes of 76 between that point at the blue route and i-95, closure
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taking effect right now and it will last until monday morning. on the westbound side closure isn't quite as long it is from 95 out to route one the roosevelt boulevard. the roosevelt boulevard itself will remain opened seven all weekend long. it its opened now. as will i-95. this is scene by cottman. light volume but road is open. ramps off of i-95 that will close like those connecting to the vine street express waste because vine itself is closed, after the first one to shut down. traffic boxes are in effect in center city and one if in west philadelphia all start at ten. you have to stay outside the box. jim? >> thanks, matt. for pope francis this was a long day packed with major events in new york city. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is there and has details. >> reporter: new york city has been a buzz over the pope, crowds have people clamerd to see him. tonight he celebrated mass to a jammed packed madison square garden. new york once again turnout big. >> i'm here to see the pope. >> reporter: people got to madison square garden early to
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celebrate mass, lines stretched more than ten city blocks as people wait todd get in. >> 12:45. >> reporter: 12:45. >> yep. >> reporter: mass wrapped up a busy day for the pope. he started the day addressing the the general assembly of the united nations and then an emotional visit to the 9/11 memorial willing before to go a local catholic school where he showed his lighter side having pun with the students. after that it was parade time more than 80,000 people cheered as pope mobile was in central park. along 34th street people crowded by barricades and hung out of windows hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope as he drove by in his well known fiat on his way to madison square garden to celebrate mass. elizabeth england and apple claire are two of the lucky ones who got to go inside. >> i hospital she doesn't scream too loudly. she is intrigued by the pope. >> reporter: little emma claire was not alone. 40,000 people cheered, when
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pope francis arrived, his speech was of hope and remind ter care for those in need. those who are often forgotten. >> they become part of an urban landscape which is more and more taken for granted. in our eyes and especially in our hearts. >> he doesn't have have much time to rest tomorrow morning the at 8:40 he will take off from jfk on his way to philadelphia in times square eva pilgrim channel six "action news". here is the pope's packed schedule for tomorrow. he is, scheduled to arrive in philadelphia at 9:30 in the morning and then head to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul for mass. at 4:30 in the afternoon he will deliver a speech on immigration, and religious freedom, from inside of independent hall. saturday night, tomorrow night, is the the papal parade down the parkway, followed by the festival of families.
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live on eakins oval right now where they have been holding final rehearsals tonight is "action news" anchor sharrie williams. sharrie, you have a vantage point right in front of the stage that we will be showing our viewers all weekend long. >> we like to think of it as prime real estate. it really is as close as our cameras can get to being on the stage which is a short distance behind us. of course, stage is the focal point for a lot of the festivities that pope francis will attend this weekend. we got a glimpse of what to expect. a rehearsal was held making sure lights are in place and of course, audio, visuals are good to go. the rock band the fray was on stage tonight as well doing a sound check. that was a bit of the treat. so much planning has taken place over the past few months and one person who knows what really goes into this probably the most is mayor michael nutter. we had a chance to see him here tonight. we spoke with him and, of course, he was here taking one
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more walk through before pope francis land tomorrow morning. >> 9:30 tomorrow morning, his holiness pope francis will be in philadelphia. i cannot wait to see these doors opened up on the plane, from the planning standpoint, infrastructure standpoint, things are in place, teams are ready to go we have been, as i said, we have been practicing and practicing and practicing for a long time and at some point, you know, you want curtain to go up and you want to get it on. >> back here, of course, that is going up tomorrow morning. some crews-working through the night. another presence here some security experts are on stage right now as we are talking so we know they are preparing for tomorrow and thinks where brian taff and i will be for the the next couple days. our studio away from the studio, so to speak and we will be here of course with all of the coverage that our viewers have come to expect. we're live on eakins oval, sharrie williams channel six "action news". >> gorgeous pictures, thanks, sharrie. here now is independent mall, right in front of the independent hall tonight, it
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is a live sky six camera atop the dow building. secure perimeters are in effect right there. checkpoints will open up at 6:00 a.m. for pedestrians to access the the area you cannot come to the pope's speech tomorrow have afternoon if you don't have a particular. still to come tonight keeping the faith, a group of catholic pilgrims, find shelter, and kindness from a local synagogue. but philadelphia congressman bob brady is making waves for what he did with the pope's glass of water today and we will hear from him, cecily. well, i'm live from the parkway studio, it is a beautiful night and new information on what to expect the rest of the weekend coming up whether the accu weather forecast, jim. high school huddle and eagles, you know what cecily you are not here to throw the football to jeff skversky, high school huddle and eagles nursing some injuries when "action news" continues tonight. more tonight about
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pilgrims coming to the philadelphia area from elsewhere to see the pope.
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in broomall, a host family turns out to be a synagogue. visitors are from the holy spirit catholic church in kentucky. how is that for reaching across the religious divide. pope francis would like that. here's "action news" reporter trish hartman. >> reporter: the weary but excited travelers from bowling green, kentucky arrived at congregation bet h synagogue in broomall after an 800-mile bus ride ready for a spiritual weekend with new friend and pope francis. >> synagogue is opening up their hearts, their building and their everything to us. we're so excited. >> reporter: about 50 parishioners from holy spirit catholic church wanted to see pope francis in philadelphia but need aid low cost place to stay. alan glassman, educational director at the synagogue, said a friend's sister is the the kentucky connection. >> she called me to say can you think of any organization, or ymca or school, and as soon
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as she said school, i a said school synagogue, that is us. >> as a synagogue we ran with it. we thought it was just a wonderful opportunity for on you reach in the community to learn about how important it is to help others. >> reporter: and the hospitality didn't stop just there. the travelers from kentucky, many of them teens, had in guarantee that they would see pope francis except maybe on a big screen. the folks here in broomall said they contacted the world meeting of families to see if they could help and ended up securing eight row seats for sunday's papal mass. >> you are right, i have heard so many positive things, about pope francis, and you cannot help but warm up and pitch in and do your share. >> my gosh, when we heard the news, a lot of people in the room there with us started crying. the it was just so amazing because we thought we would be miles away. >> reporter: not miles away but feet away. parishioners from kentucky will participate in the interstate service and other activities at the synagogue on
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saturday before heading to the papal mass on sunday n broomall, trish hartman, channel six "action news". and u.s. representative bob brady in philadelphia is raising some eyebrows for what he did during the pope's speech, to congress yesterday the swiped the the glass that the pope drank out of. these photographs document what the philadelphia document did next, he drank out of the glass too. and gave some water to his wife, and one members of his staff. while tech nickly this is not holy water it means a great deal to the catholic congressman and he says he also paid the taxpayers back for the glass. >> all we will do is put it back in the dirty dishes and send it back out again. this way i got glass to put it back and i have his fingerprints and i will have police department dust it and permanently maintain fingerprints to make it authentic that i do have the pope's glass. >> brady has done this before collecting president barack obama's glass, from his
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first inauguration. all right. lets get that all important accu weather forecast for papal weekend, meteorologist cecily tynan is live from our parkway studios tonight, cecily, more than a million people want to know what is the chance of rain, for these outdoor events this weekend. >> jim, i'm happy to is a very little chance of rain. we could have a scattered sprinkle on sunday afternoon but models are trending dryer and dryer. i do want to show you the parkway. this is a fantastic view. if you look closely you can see a few people walking, it is closed to vehicle traffic. i was walking quite a few miles to get here tonight and weather is perfect for a stroll. take a look, philadelphia is currently 65 degrees. down from a our high of 78 today, allentown is 60. wilmington 64. millville 64. sea isle city currently at 69 degrees. satellite six with action radar showing we have been talking about this all week, there is a fight between high pressure north of the toronto
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and low pressure over south carolina and it looks like that high pressure is really going to be winning out this weekend, that is great news for us. future tracker showing tomorrow have afternoon we will see mixture of cloud and sunshine, and it will be breezy, wind east/north east at ten to 20 miles an hour. some breaks of sunshine especially north of philadelphia heading in to sunday this has change from earlier today, you can see as far as a sprinkle they will be few and far between, just some clouds with a few breaks of sunshine, cooler, windy with wind up to 25 miles an hour. only question really was on sunday and we made a change for sunday for papal mass when a million people are expect to be on the parkway, and it is looking nice. lots of cloud at 10:00 o'clock as people are gathering, 66 by 1:00. seventy-one by 4:00. and bee 7:00 o'clock 78 degrees with nothing more than a spotty sprinkle. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast tomorrow breaks of sunshine with a high
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of 75. sunday breeze which a sprinkle or two, nothing more than that, 73 degrees, on monday, scattered showers, 77. and then on tuesday, feeling like summer again 83 degrees, mostly sunny, dropped down to 79 degrees on wednesday with little bit of cloud cover and then thursday and friday down to 69 degrees with the pos built of some rain. papal weekend is looking very nice, back to you, jim. how speaker john boehner shock his rank and file republicans by announcing that he is resigning as speaker. in fact, resigning from congress at the end of october. drive by conservative to oust him. the it averts a federal government shut down next week over funning for planned parenthood but only for now.
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there. bases will clear. only question will he stop at third or go for inside the park home run? he goes for it, and he makes it. he ran for a inside the the park grand slam phillies win eight-two. flyers and islanders in preseason play. flyers scored twice in the second period, both goals in a span of 332nd, first brayden schenn makes it three-one. then michael rafl does the the same. flyers cruz to the five-two victory. they will play the rangers, on monday. the that is sports. there ways touch of hollywood in center city tonight. actor mark wahlberg arrived at kimmel center for special screening of his movie invincible. wahlberg who was mc festival of the families on the parkway tomorrow was join by vince papale who over came very long odds to play for the philadelphia eagles, in 1976. what do you think. ♪
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followed by jimmy kimmel leave and night line. a "action news" continues at 5:30. now for -- oh, yeah and we have a lot of pope coverage coming your way tomorrow. so for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, have a good night and have a very special weekend.
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welcome to six abc high school huddle presented by gmc i'm jeff skversky. pope playing a big factor in friday night football, games and schedules had been moved around to work around his visit to philadelphia. and two of our local marching band will play for pope francis this weekend, all that, plus our game of the week coming up in 60 seconds. >> we're the cheerleaders from high school huddle on six abc.


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